Fax Thru Email lets you send and receive faxes anywhere*, anytime, from any computer -- all you need is an Internet connection and email. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of a fax machine and discover a more affordable and flexible alternative.

For one low monthly cost (Fax Thru Email has no activation or per-fax fees), you'll send and receive faxes anywhere you can receive email. Web-based manager lets you view and manage your Fax Thru Email history, including sent and received faxes, account information, help, and billing details. Plus, it's all done securely -- your incoming, outgoing, and personal information remains completely confidential.
  • Easily send faxes from any computer without needing a fax machine or phone line.
  • Receive faxes from anywhere in the world.
  • Send faxes anywhere in the United States and Canada, up to 20MB in size, from any email program.
  • Create and customize your own cover sheet.
  • Fax files from your computer, mobile device or your Online File Folder® account.
  • Receive email confirmations so you know your fax went through.
  • Take advantage of a fax number that is unique, personal and private.
  • View your Fax History to see a record of all incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • Fax to your hotel's fax on the road to print documents.
Ask anyone: Fax Thru Email is the best thing to come along since sliced bread.

Fax Thru Email uses the Internet - rather than a phone line - to send and receive faxes. You can send Internet faxes directly from your computer via the Fax Thru Email dashboard or from your own email account.

Fax Thru Email is environmentally friendly. Forget printing documents from your computer, then feeding the paper into another machine! Fax Thru Email converts any fax to email, replacing the desktop fax machine with a fast, paper-free solution. Recipients with free-standing fax machines will still receive a paper copy of your transmission; the program converts their paper faxes to emails before reaching you.

Fax Thru Email is private. Because it works through your email account, you can safely fax from any computer that has an Internet connection. With fax to email there are no paper copies left lying around for someone else to read - it's completely private. Plus, a password only you know keeps others from using your Fax Thru Email minutes without your knowledge.

Fax Thru Email works with most standard file formats. With this Internet fax program, you can send and receive faxes composed in Microsoft® Word, Rich Text Format or plain text. Transmit JPG (JPEG), PDF, GIF, TIFF or Excel® files as attachments.

Fax Thru Email is efficient. The dashboard keeps a record of all faxes sent and received, in case you need to double-check the delivery date of one of your faxes. The program integrates with Online File Folder too, so you can quickly and securely fax important files anywhere, anytime.

Fax Thru Email is mobile. Our fax to email works with any Internet-enabled mobile device. Just log in to the email account you use with Fax Thru Email, create your message and enter This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the To: field. Type in the receiver's fax number in the Subject: field and send.

To receive a Fax Thru Email Internet fax on the go, simply retrieve it from your email inbox. You'll need to have Acrobat® Reader installed on your mobile device to view the attached faxes.

Fax Thru Email can be used with Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Netscape® and Safari® for Mac OS.
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from $17.94/mo from $11.94/mo

US and Canada fax numbers only. Fax Thru Email cannot connect to international fax numbers that require a country code.
100 minutes equals approximately 150 pages.

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