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Not every visit to your site results in a positive action or sale. But that doesn't mean you can't profit anyway! How? By learning about your visitors.
Site Analytics gives you vital data about your visitors – data you can use to your advantage. More than 30 reports tell you everything from how many people visit and what paths they take through your site to where in the world they live. You can use this information to eliminate costly errors, focus your offerings, and target new customers with laser-like accuracy.
Site Analytics now works with  Shopping Cart; WebSite Builder; JooHost Domain Names & Hosting Services Dedicated, Virtual Dedicated or Shared Hosting; and Web sites hosted by other hosting companies.

Get the vital insight you need to succeed!

Site Analytics: Just $2.99/mo!
Site Analytics helps you gather, manipulate and report the make-or-break data crucial to your site's success. Eliminate costly errors that might otherwise go undiscovered. Focus your offerings. And target new customers with a laser-like certainty.
Site Analytics is the right tool at just the right time! Here's just some of what you get:
  • Get separate statistic reports for each Alias and Subdomain assigned to your primary domain—simply add them as separate Site Analytics accounts.
  • Real time stats mean you'll stay in-the-know with data that updates instantaneously.
  • Conversion tracking helps you determine if your online marketing efforts are giving you the proper return on investment.
  • Export the data you capture to Microsoft Excel®.
  • Get fast, easy access to your raw log files - and manipulate data for revealing results.
  • Choose from three graphing options: Bar, Area, and Line for at-a-glance conclusions.
  • Visit-path reporting tells you how customers navigate through your site.
  • Custom date ranges gives you down-to-the-minute answers.
  • And much, much more!
Web statistics are data that describe the visitors who find their way to a particular website. This may include the total number of people who visit, where they come from, how long they stay and what they do while they're there.

But these traffic statistics are more than just idly interesting. This information can be used to change the website for better performance, schedule marketing efforts to coincide with typically busy or slow days and for eCommerce sites, to increase sales.

One of the most important web site statistics is the number of visitors who visit on a given day, week or month. When watched over a period of time, this number will tell you your website's most (and least) active days, months or seasons.

If you look closely at these numbers, you may find external events (such as annual sports events or holidays) or internal events (such as sales or product discontinuations) are affecting how many people come to your website. You may wish to send out direct mail, email or Twitter® notices just before popular events or during slow periods to drive traffic to your site.

Another important web analytics figure is the length of time each visitor stays on your website. In order to sell products, services or subscriptions, a website must keep the visitor's interest for long enough to close the sale.

If you find that the majority of your visitors are leaving after viewing just the home page, you know one of two things: a) your home page is not clearly communicating what you sell and how it differs from other similar offerings on the market or b) your keywords are bringing the wrong kinds of people to your website (i.e.: those who are not looking for what your website offers).

Notice that a high number of visitors are stopping at a page you consider less important? There's some valuable insight to be gained here, too. Try adding key information to this page, since many people are already visiting it.

But online statistics don't end there. Knowing where your visitors are coming from (traffic sources) can tell you how well your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are working. Thinking of using pay-per-click ads but not sure where to advertise? Find out which traffic source is sending you the best customers and you have your answer.

Loyalty statistics show you how many visitors are returning, as compared to those visiting your site for the first time. Both forums and eCommerce sites benefit from high loyalty figures. You can also watch these numbers as you make changes on your site. Any change that results in more loyalty visits should be kept; any change that causes this number to drop should be ended.

But perhaps most useful among site tracking statistics is the Exit Page results. This shows you which pages visitors are viewing just before leaving your site. If this is anything other than your checkout confirmation page, you know exactly where to start improving your website. Beef up these pages, adding content that will move visitors to the next step in the sales or subscription process.

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