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Our virtual servers are made to grow as your needs grow.
Get all the power and control of your own Dedicated Server for less! With a JooHost Domain Names & Hosting Services® Virtual Private Server(VPS), your RAM and storage are guaranteed - we never overload. Plus, you can add more capacity anytime with just a few clicks*. Not sure how to set it up? Our experts will help get your server up and running fast! Just choose the plan that's right for you, customize your bandwidth, control panel (Parallels® Plesk Panel, Cpanel® or Parallels® Small Business Panel) and backup options and leave the rest to us. Call to get started now.
    Run an unlimited number of websites on your server. You are only restricted by diskspace and bandwidth
  • Choose your data center location
    Your choice of 3 data center locations; U.S., Europe of Asia Pacific regions. Get the best performance for your customers!
  • 3 Dedicated IP addresses included
    With all our VPS plans, you get 3 dedicated IP addresses. No sharing of IP's with spammy sites like other VPS providers.
  • Your choice of Operating System
    Choose from Linux (CentOS or Fedora) or Windows Operating systems.
  • Very easy to set-up and configure your vserver. Not much technical knowledge needed and if you do get stuck, get help from our 24x7 support team!
  • Control panels like Parallels Plesk or cPanel
  • More pre-configured plans available
    All our (virtual) dedicated hosting plans are completely configurable
Take your site to the next level with a Virtual Dedicated Server

Virtual Private Servers

Our Virtual Dedicated Server plans (also called VDS, Virtual Private Server or VPS) offers you most of the advantages of a fully dedicated server against a much lower price. Your Virtual Server offers you added flexibility over shared hosting by giving you full (root) control over the machine, allowing you to install your own applications on the server.
All of our Virtual Dedicated servers (starting at only (See Shop)/month – SALE!) come with 3 Dedicated IP Addresses. You can run multiple websites   from one Virtual Host.


Flexible Server Solutions

  • Choose from our ‘Ready-to-Go’ plans or go flexible and ‘Build Your Own’ server, giving you exactly the features you need!
  • You have a choice of Microsoft or Linux based servers.
  • Managed Backups
  • Free Rapid Setup!

Choose your own data center

JooHost allows you to choose your own data center at which your VDS will be setup. Why is this important? Well, the closer the visitor of your site is to the actual virtual server location, the better the performance is. So if you major audience is based in Europe, we offer you the possibility of choosing our Europe (Amsterdam) based Data center. If you do not make a specific choice of data center, the system will automatically choose the nearest data center for your virtual dedicated server, based on your physical location.

I’m using shared hosting now, why should I go VPS?

You have full (root) control over a virtual dedicated server. This allows you to install custom software on you vserver, log in remotely to the server, reboot the server (this can be done easily from the control panel) and set up as many websites (domains) as you like on your server (if you select  the default Simple Control Panel option or the Plesk Unlimited option). Also setting up new mail accounts (as many as you like) is easy on a Virtual Private Server. Other advantages of choosing a VPS over shared hosting is that your resources like RAM and storage space on the server  are guaranteed as we never overload our servers like many of our competitors do. On a shared hosting account, it is possible that your website goes down, because another user on the same machine has a high peak load. Also, your virtual dedciated server comes with 3 dedicated IP addresses included (while with shared, you also share the IP address) which is important for Search Engines and email blacklists.

Plans starting with $29.99/month check and order now!

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